morning person

May 26, 2017

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Justine Milton  |  NYC  |

I never understand when someone tells me they’re not a “morning person”. To me morning is not a certain time of the day, it’s whatever moment you choose to wake up…and the routine of waking up is my favourite part of the day.  That moment when you open your eyes and it takes a few seconds for everything to come into focus. There’s not enough energy yet for proper thoughts the form…you just lay there staring at the space in front of you, allowing yourself the time to take the daylight in.  The morning is peaceful, it’s quiet, it’s bliss.  When the scent of a freshly brewed pot of coffee drifts through the house, well that just might be my favourite thing.  I often start my day with a cup of black coffee and fresh fruit, something light and uncomplicated but perfect in its own way. I love the simple act of rinsing berries under a cold tap of water, feeling the texture of the fruit and inspecting each one, always popping a few in my mouth before sitting down.  Reading is something that I’ve been trying to get back into lately, it’s good for the mind (and probably the soul too). I’ll admit, I’m terrible at it, but my intentions are there all the same!  Before I get ready I always put some music on, it’s rare that I not listen to music, in fact I’m not sure if I can function without it. I used to play guitar a lot as a teenager and sometimes I still pick up my old Martin and strum a few chords…I’m not nearly as good as I used to be.  If I have time, I love a hot bath filled to the brim (so wasteful I know). I don’t much enjoy showers, for me the slower the morning, the better. I’ve always been happiest in the water so it’s only natural I would love baths so much.  I realize not everyone has the privilege of such a leisurely morning routine, but it truly sets the tone for the entire day…I don’t know how I’d ever function without it.  I am a “morning person “. – Brittany Messner of life set sail



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