Through the Park of the Monsters

June 24, 2016

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Rochelle Cheever  |  Umbria, Italy  |

The “Sacro Bosco” translated to the “Sacred Grove” also known as The Park of the Monsters, was an astonishing park to photograph with my son. It was designed by a noble family, built in the second half of the sixteenth century. The larger-than-life sculptures range from the scary monsters and dragons to unusual creatures. Entering into the forest we were welcomed with the playfulness of these giant sculptures of monsters, each tastefully emerged within the environment.
My son, Dante and I immersed ourselves in the gardens while being captivated by the vivid green and rustic umber colors surrounding us. The environment brought a sense of setting where I was able to capture and photograph my son while he connected with his “inner child” as he approached each unique sculpture.
An interesting detail to the park is there is no specific path to take, it is more or less a giant labyrinth. Every trail leading to the sculptures encourages you to unlock your inner imagination…almost as if you are stepping foot into some mythological dream. Each element was intricately designed to be unique to itself, without much commonality between.
Whilst on our walk we stumbled upon a sculpture of a monster with its mouth wide open. Written above the mouth is “Ogni Pensiero Vola,” which means “Every Thought Flies.” It only seemed to be the perfect scripture to describe the grounds as you really have to channel your creativity and be wide open to what is awaiting you at each “Villa of Wonder.”
The park was both fascinating and delightful to photograph. During the springtime the forest’s deeply rooted oaks, chestnut and beech trees paint a blissful frame to its visitors. The color palette is glorious and the ideal ambience of the Garden of Monsters is thus a powerful contrast to the monstrous occupants. Do not be afraid to let your curiosity wander through the vast gardens as you enchant yourself with every intriguing element around you... ” – Rochelle


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