Exposure Test – Fuji

October 6, 2015

Remember when we shared Mike, of Brushfire Photography’s, Fuji 400 exposure test back in March? If you never caught that one you can check it out here. Mike wanted to test his favorite color film out to see how it handled over and underexposure.  Well he is back again and this time he took a few more overexposed and underexposed shots to really show how the film handles it.

For this exposure test Mike took an external spot metering with a Sekonic 508 spot meter.  Rated at ISO 200 it showed 1/8000 f/2.0 for the sky and 1/60 f/2.0 for the shadow behind the girls ear in her hair.  The ambient meter reading was 1/125 f/2.0 where he took a reading bulb in 45 degrees to the ground facing her.

Mike likes to rate his Fuji 400 at 200, which is how he metered.  He rates his Portra 400 at 320.  So these reading would likely be the same or possibly a one bump up in shutter speed or drop down in aperture.

It was an overcast day so the test really shows the affects mainly of overexposure.  It would be good to do another exposure test that emphasizes the affects of underexposure.  Make sure you check back tomorrow to see his Portra 400 exposure test so you can compare.  Scans by Photovision.


  1. XOXO_SammieB says:

    Well, first, how lovely are these shots! So much gorgeousness here! And secondly, what a great way to learn. As someone who desperately wants to learn film, this is such a great post to refer to.

    • Belle Lumiere says:

      Thank you Sammie!! That’s very kind of you to take some time to let us know! It’s the reason we do it!!

  2. This is such a great resource–thank you! I’ve seen other examples of overexposure before, but this is by far the best!

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