United by the sea

August 25, 2015

Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (4)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (39)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (20)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (13)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (11)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (17)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (35)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (32)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (40)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (15)Svetlana_Gidzenko_Photo (10)Svetlana Gidzenko  |  St. Petersburg  |  Svetlanagidzenko.com

Gulf of Finland is the perfect place for a romantic love story on a marine theme. Waves, wind, sunset and two lovers, Nadia and Artem. In this shoot you can feel the air and the gentle love that guys don’t want to show, but caught their covert glances, everything becomes clear. ” – Svetlana

Decorator and florist – Flowers of Life
Makeup – Julia Petrova
Organized by Valeria Sabadash Wedding Management
Dress – Sasha Grebneva
Jewelry – Olga Delice
Polygraphy – Diana Ahmetyanova
Video – Vladimir Nagorskiy
Couple Nadia and Artem

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