July 10, 2015

peppermint plum-wading-22peppermint plum-wading-17peppermint plum-wading-20peppermint plum-wading-14peppermint plum-wading-6peppermint plum-wading-32peppermint plum-wading-1Alexandria Smith  |  Sanger, Ca  |  Daphnemaephotography.com

I wanted this collection to really embody the sense of touch and I used the river as a vessel for this tactile experience. The way she delicately holds the hem of her dress, the way her fingers listlessly create ripples in the water, it all lends to a feeling of soft femininity. These images of her wading in the river, her flowing dress becoming one with the current, holding a wild array of kumquats and eucalyptus, to me they tell the story of simplistic natural beauty. ” – Alexandria

Bouquet made by Brown Bunny Flowers

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