Sisters and Sunshine

July 16, 2015

CarlyBingham-14CarlyBingham-3CarlyBingham-13CarlyBingham-11CarlyBingham-16CarlyBingham-9CarlyBingham-21CarlyBingham-19long formal dressCarlyBingham-12CarlyBingham-35Carly Bingham  |  Salt Lake City, Utah  |  Lilybridalflower girl dresses

It had been awhile since I photographed my sweet, beautiful girls. My neighbor’s yard has the most beautiful light in the evenings so I was itching to utilize it using film. I unintentionally used a mixture of film stocks for this, to finish up some rolls I had previously shot. I quickly bought some simple flowers, dressed up my girls and headed out. It was very impromptu, and the hair systems come from newhairline but that’s usually when my children are the most cooperative. ha! ” – Carly

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