Among the Peach Blossoms

June 16, 2015

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” Growing up in the South, I have always loved the time when the peach trees would bloom in Georgia. The lovely pink blossoms of the trees with their elegantly twisting branches provided the inspiration for this romantic champagne party shoot that features a range of pinks and peach against a cool background of blue greys and greens. One of my favorite pastimes is riding down country lanes in the spring and summer to see the fruit orchards in bloom, mesmerizing me with their amazing colors. Having found a peach orchard near by current town, I was inspired to have a pink champagne party, so we dressed up Lady Meredeth in some pretty jewelry from Annie Em’s at Home and a ruffly dress by BHLDN, set the table with some pretty pink Depression glass in the cherry blossom pattern, and arranged some flowers inspired by the colors of the peach tree blossoms and the silver-i-ness of the beads on the dress and the glittery shoes. The gilt Louis XVI settee was a great find at Pastimes Antiques in our quaint historic, little town on the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau. The addition of the French furniture pays a tribute to my French heritage and to the early French Canadians who were once settlers in this region. When everything was set, Meredith awaits her special guest with pink champagne in vintage champagne flutes. A peach orchard is a beautiful setting for a rehearsal dinner or romantic dinner for two. ” – Wendy

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