Love knows no distance

May 15, 2015

Five photography-26Five photography-19Five photography-22Five photography-24Five photography-25Five photography-20Five photography-15Five photography-33Five photography-13Five photography-9Five photography-5Five photography-6Five photography-7Filipe & Vera  |  Esposende, Portugal  |

The music put together a Finnish and a Portuguese, however love knows no distance and whenever possible they meet each other again. This time was for a photo shoot at the sound of music, in northern Portugal, specifically in Esposende in the region of São Lourenço. Among vestiges of the past, from Roman ruins, between the strumming of a guitar and the sound of a sweet female voice, they join in a romantic picnic, in an intense complicity. And we believe that for a moment they forgot that we were there to share that moment with them. And thankfully happen that way!! ” – Filipe & Vera

Flowers : Odete Florista
Kitchen accessories: Eat by GPOD
Illustration: Quico’s Illustration and Comics
Creative Direction and Styling: Five Photography
Photography: Five Photography
Models: Inês Lucas e Lauri Makinen

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