Romantic Chicago

April 6, 2015

Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-35Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-31Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-9Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-19Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-22Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-34Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-26Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-film-boudoir-27Kristin Garcia  |  Chicago, IL  |

I am in love with capturing fine art boudoir sessions that are romantic, natural, and stunning in it’s simplicity. Jennesa’s Bridal Boudoir was no exception, in this beautiful natural light-filled Chicago studio. Joanna B Artistry and I collaborated together on this dreamy shoot, and she also was the talented hair and makeup artist behind Jennesa’s soft look. Lovely of May Floral Design contributed with her stunning bouquet. Everything just screams romance. ” – Kristin

  1. Joanna says:

    Thank you for sharing! We had such a lovely time working on this shoot. It was so dreamy =)

  2. Lovely says:

    Thanks for featuring this boudoir session! It was so great to work with Jenessa, Joanna and Kristin. Belle Lumière sharing the shoot is icing on the cake!

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