Sunday’s Lovely Light

March 2, 2015

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Impromptu, unplanned sessions with no expectations always work for my benefit.
I contacted Harley just a couple of days before I arrived to town to see if she may be interested in getting together for a fun, quick shoot before I had to head back home and she was all smiles with excitement. Harley is always perfect in front of my camera.

I hadn’t done any creative shooting for myself in a few months, other than some snapshots of my little man in the comfort of our little home, and it was past time for me to start back. So we met up, I put her outfit together standing beside her car, just looking through the hangers and hangers of clothes she’d brought with her. We walked, I loaded the film and I took a breath and pressed the shutter. Each time looking for the perfect light flowing through her hair, falling on her face and seeping through the folds of her flowing skirt.
Only about 30 minutes had passed and the final roll advanced – we were done.

So proud we made that afternoon happen; one of the best shoots to date. ” – Jessica

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