Prairie Girl

February 18, 2015

Jen Golay  |  West Des Moines, Iowa  |

This session is one from my personal project called the Natural Beauty Project. I began it hoping to build self-esteem in teen girls. I work to create images and an experience that encourages girls to be and feel beautiful without the artifice of Photoshop, fashion, and excessive styling.

For this project, I photograph teen girls on film (no Photoshop) in vintage or thrifted dresses (no brand names or designers) with light styling using natural and organic products (no heavy makeup or false eyelashes) to show that beauty comes from within. I want them to feel the vulnerability that comes from taking a risk and being in front of the camera as well as the reward of seeing the beauty in themselves–maybe for the first time. I want them to feel important and in the spotlight, yet work hard (and they WILL work hard, believe it or not!) to create something beautiful and uniquely them. And I want them to make the discovery, if they haven’t already, that there is no magic in my camera or Photoshop, no hiding behind makeup and clothes, just their true, unique selves. ” – Jen

  1. Caroline says:

    I’m doing my first all film engagement shoot in a few weeks time and these images give me such inspiration. I love the details.

  2. Terry Breedlove says:

    Really beautiful shoot just got to love film. Really good cause as well thank you for sharing.

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