In their honor

January 19, 2015

Amy Sandoval  |  First Landing State Park, VA  |

2014 was a difficult year for my family as my parents passed away within 6 weeks of one another. We found comfort in the stories people told us about my parents and learned more about them as we found previously undiscovered memorabilia at their home. This summer I opened a small book of daily devotions that sat on my parent’s dresser for years. As I was turning the pages I discovered that mom had pressed four leaf clovers between the pages of the book. I wish I’d known about them earlier and asked about the story behind how she found so many. Was it all in one day or years of collecting them?

As my daughter, Olivia, and I thought about taking photos to commemorate the season and honor my parents, we collected things that reminded us of them. We used one of their beautiful living room chairs and the devotional book. ” – Amy

  1. Micah says:

    I am so sorry for your loss 🙁 I am glad you find comfort in your memories and these beautiful photographs that you captured so romantically. I hope the future gives you peace…

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