Before the Rain

January 25, 2015

L-Kurc-3L-Kurc-4L-Kurc-5L-Kurc-9bL-Kurc-11L-Kurc-14L-Kurc-25L-Kurc-20L-Kurc-37L-Kurc-31L-Kurc-29L-Kurc-38L-Kurc-40Lauren Kurc  |  West Vancouver, B.C  |

I love meeting a couple with adventurous spirit and was thrilled when Julia and Chris said they wanted to brave the cold temperatures for a fall engagement session. A short walk through a tree lined forest trail ended where the rocks meet the ocean on a chilly afternoon. Having just moved to the west coast, the couple wanted to simultaneously experience and capture the beauty of their new surroundings. Keeping warm, wrapped in a traditional and iconic Canadian Hudson’s Bay blanket, moments before the rain came epitomized a perfect Vancouver fall afternoon. ” – Lauren

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