Colorado is for Lovers

November 26, 2014

Shanna & Dave-0034Shanna & Dave-0024Shanna & Dave-0061Shanna & Dave-0016Shanna & Dave-0058Shanna & Dave-0054Shanna & Dave-0003Shanna & Dave-0042Amanda Nippoldt  |  Colorado Springs  |

Shanna and Dave spent their first year of marriage picking up their lives and moving out west to conquer their dreams in Colorado. When it came to their session, they wanted something unique but personal to them. Garden of the Gods became an easy choice when the pair shared how they spent numerous weekends and evenings exploring the trails and taking in the gorgeous vistas the park offered. I was beyond thrilled to not only have the opportunity to photograph these two former Midwesterners in their new home, but see them together as newlyweds celebrating a unique milestone in their long and happy marriage. ‘ – Amanda

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