A Happy Family of Three

November 10, 2014

Christine_Doneé_14Christine_Doneé_21Christine_Doneé_17Christine_Doneé_25Christine_Doneé_12Christine_Doneé_19Christine_Doneé_24Christine_Doneé_27Christine_Doneé_29Christine_Doneé_33Christine_Doneé_30Christine Doneé  |  Santa Barbara, California  |  christinedonee.com

” Rachelle and Jason contacted me about a week prior to their courthouse ceremony, as they threw everything together in just a few days’ time, and I couldn’t have felt more honored to play such a big role in their intimate and special day.  Having already been together for years and with the most handsome son (who was their best man and ‘something blue’!), they decided on a very quiet and low key ceremony that celebrated what was most important to them: their beautiful family of three. It was emotional and passionate, tender and sweet, and above all it was an evening filled with life-changing love. ” – Christine Doneé

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