October 17, 2014

Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-1Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-11Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-20Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-12Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-9Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-25Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-30Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-43Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-34Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-33Blanccoco_Photographe_Cecile-46Marie-Laure Grandoulier  |  France  |

” There are proposal you can not refuse. When my photographer friend Cécile asks me to make a short portrait session of her on film, I first moved and deeply touched. Cecile is a model that has always inspired me. It is a very beautiful woman, expressive, with an open face and a great strength of character. We were accompanied this day by a great light. A few magical hours, timeless, full of laughter and sharing: a moment that is priceless. ” – Marie-Laure

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