Hawaii Summertime Beauty

October 15, 2014

KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-34KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-36KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-33KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-40KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-48KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-47KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-8KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-11KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-12KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-59KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-25KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-17KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-60KylieMartinPhotography Summertime Beauty HawaiiFilmPhotographer-61Kylie Martin  |  Ko Olina, Hawaii  |  KylieMartinPhotography.com

” Troy, Katelyn and Gavin are an adorable family that I met up with a couple months ago. We pulled over on the side of the road to a beautiful, green lush area where the light poured in perfectly around us. As we talked Katelyn and Troy played with Gavin and then soothed him when the tears started. I moved around them subtly and absorbed the emotion and moments happening. This resulted in very real, natural images. I firmly believe that natural moments yield the most beautiful images. Sometimes imperfections give us the best insight into authentic living. This session shows how beautiful a new family is, lots of laughter, lots of late nights, lots of crying and a lot of beauty. ” – Kylie

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