October 29, 2014

Cox_Family_44Cox_Family_07Cox_Family_03Cox_Family_13Cox_Family_56Cox_Family_22Cox_Family_28Cox_Family_34Cox_Family_18Cox_Family_58Cox_Family_60Cox_Family_65Ashley Upchurch  |  Nashville, TN  |

This sweet little family is near and dear to our hearts. As my husband and I set out on a little adventure to Nashville, TN we decided to meet up with these guys to photograph this special moment in their lives. The husband is scheduled to be deployed in the beginning of 2015 to Afghanistan for 9 months and will continue to be deployed to different locations every other year. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to say goodbye to your husband/father for such a long period of time never knowing the outcome. So the moments in between are precious and bittersweet, and I wanted this family to have photos they can look back on with joy – to make their hearts full. ” – Ashley

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