Dreamy Beach Shoot

September 1, 2014

000053980013000053980016000053980015000053980012000053980008000053990015000053980002000053990012000053990009000053990007000053990001000053990002000053990004Kat Willson  |  Winnipeg Beach, Canada  |  katwillsonphotography.ca

My couple and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful scenery at Winnipeg Beach for our engagement shoot. The groom is originally from Norway and Winnipeg Beach really reminded him of home. The never ending horizon, the hazy light and the old wood boardwalks really set the scene.

This was also a significant shoot for myself since this is the first engagement shoot I’ve shot with film. Needless to say I’m hooked! The skin tones and the pretty pastel colours produced by film absolutely blow me away. ” – Kat

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