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August 27, 2014

alyssavalletta_alsace_0003alyssavalletta_alsace_0005alyssavalletta_alsace_0022alyssavalletta_alsace_0004alyssavalletta_alsace_0006alyssavalletta_alsace_0002alyssavalletta_alsace_0017alyssavalletta_alsace_0010alyssavalletta_alsace_0007alyssavalletta_alsace_0011alyssavalletta_alsace_0027Alyssa Valletta  |  Alsace region  |  alyssajoyphoto.com

” In July I traveled to the region of Alsace, France to shoot a wedding and to volunteer with a kids camp for a week. While in Alsace I visited the towns of Buhl, Guebwiller, and Colmar – they were all so picturesque and colorful, and I could walk around and take photos for days! I also went to Paris for the weekend before returning to the US. It was so freeing to shoot only film for all of my touring. I just had one camera, one lens, and two film stocks, and that was all I needed! I now am making it a goal to shoot mostly (if not all) film when I travel – it really does allow me to relax and slow down more, taking in what I see. I remember the moments of my trip more clearly, and that is something I value strongly. ” – Alyssa

  1. Thanks for the feature! Love how it all looks together here 🙂

  2. Faith says:

    Beautiful!!! Love that last line about film helping you to slow down to take in each moment – so good!

  3. Adding Alsace to my never-ending list of places I want to visit, now – these are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful Alyssa! I just switched over to shooting all film while I travel as well! I am SO in love with these images.

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