Mud Boots & Wild Hay

June 10, 2014

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Through several work connections with his parents, I met Austin in passing a few times over the last year. Once during a dinner, I had the opportunity to talk with him concerning a story I overheard about his truck. His pride and joy that truck was! He worked two summers to buy it, replace parts, lift it, care for it, and make it his own. Listening to him, what I actually heard wasn’t all the details of how, when and why. No. I was hearing one young man’s response to the call of responsibility. It was nice. I walked away from that conversation impressed with Austin, his work ethic, and courage to simply wait on the good stuff. So when his mom called me to shoot his senior portraits. I was more than happy to portray Austin with that story in mind. What I saw was a young man raised up in mud boots and surrounded by wild hay. A young man made in the simplicity of country life…humbly ready and aware for life…any life. ”  Alyssa

  1. Linda Thompson says:

    The pictures are individual works art of a very photogenic young man! Incredible!!!!!

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