Just like a dream within a dream

May 7, 2014

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I have lived in Spokane, Washington going on eight years now. Just when I think I’ve gotten to know the area pretty well, I’ll stumble upon a beautiful building or field, I’d not yet noticed, that begs to be photographed. Not only is Spokane full of little gems, it is also full of incredibly talented people. The gal featured in this session not only has such a beautiful voice, she is an amazing photographer. Her voice is so beautiful, the folks at America’s Got Talent thought so to, you may have seen her in the final five on last years season. I had the pleasure of photographing her for a local woman’s magazine last year, and since wanted to reconnect with her for a more creative session. I had the perfect location in mind, one tucked away in Spokane’s south hill area. It’s a building beautifully crafted with brick and covered with gorgeous green moss and ivy. It screams fairy tale, which perfectly suits this young ladies recent accomplishments. Google, Cami Bradley, to hear some of her beautiful performances.

  1. WOW!! These are so stunning!!!

  2. Anna says:

    Amazing Sara! These are so perfectly simple.

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