Fritz & LB

May 28, 2014

LB&FRITZ1032LB&FRITZ1040LB&FRITZ1034LB&FRITZ1038LB&FRITZ1052LB&FRITZ1093LB&FRITZ1103LB&FRITZ1112LB&FRITZ1189LB&FRITZ1227LB&FRITZ1366LB&FRITZ1367LB&FRITZ1370Nicole Berrett  |  Dallas, Texas  |

 I’m a huge fan of natural light & soft styling and knew I wanted to take our pictures outside. The Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake provided beautiful backdrops for a perfect blend of the casual & sophisticated style we were going for. We chose our outfits based on that casual/sophisticated style (and what girl doesn’t want an excuse to buy a gold maxi skirt!).

The diamond necklace I am wearing was my mom’s diamond from her engagement ring. My dad gave it to me after she passed away from brain cancer. I wear it almost everyday and it’s a quick reminder that she’s always with me. The gold diamond ring was my grandmother’s wedding ring and is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ve ever laid eyes on (besides my own engagement ring of course!). I look forward to passing down these heirloom pieces to my daughter one day. ” – From the bride, LaraBeth

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