The Village That Isn't There

April 23, 2014

03-Christian Ward04-Christian Ward01-Christian Ward08-Christian Ward07-Christian Ward11-Christian Ward13-Christian Ward12-Christian WardChristian Ward  |  South Gare, United Kingdom  |  |

I shot these images at South Gare – an enigmatic location not shown on maps, on the east coast of England. South Gare is a 22 mile long man-made stretch of land that’s home to a vast steel industry, and indeed is actually built using waste from the steel works. South Gare also serves to provide safe harbour to passing ships. It is a fairly desolate area but is home to a number of purpose-built green fishing huts that house a small number of remaining fishermen who fish off the coast. There are also the remnants of shipwrecks and military activity, so there is a feeling of history to the area. ” – Christian Ward

  1. Great photography and what a location! So much atmosphere.

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