Beauty in Film

March 28, 2014

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” A great friend and industry peer said to me that going from digital to film is all about experimenting with different film speeds. I wanted and needed desperately to get my hands on Kodak and Fuji and have some fun with it. I wanted to experience what every film shooter was talking about when they described film as “satisfying the creative soul”. And now I know! Since shooting film, I can totally see and feel the difference it makes when it comes to confident. Film has really pushed me to be a better photographer and to ‘purposely’ and ‘intentionally’ shot. Film has so many degrees of beauty and it never ends. I’m amazed, surprised, bewildered, breathless and just completely inspired with every roll I shoot! I hope to shoot more film (I know I will shoot more film!). I want to hang on to this feeling each time I shoot. Isn’t that how it’s suppose to be? I’m so happy I took that jump and bought my medium format camera! Long live film! ” – Noi

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