6 Months in Colorado

March 3, 2014

Lisa O’Dwyer  |  Colorado  |  lisaodwyer.com  |  facebook.com/LisaODwyerPhotographer

” These landscapes are from the past 6 months in different locations around Colorado. Most are from around Fort Collins where we live. I love how soft the landscape can be in the evening sunset and how bright and crisp it is in the afternoon. Shooting film enables me to keep the highlights where digital would have blown them. I’m not into that Photoshopped HD look. I prefer the look of the Colorado landscape on film. ” – Lisa

  1. […] a limited edition printed magazine too. They featured some of my photographs of Colorado today… 6 Months in Colorado. Thank you so much Belle Lumiere for featuring my photography! I am obsessed with the landscape of […]

  2. Lisa O'Dwyer says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my photographs of landscapes in Colorado. Places featured in this post are Fort Collins Bobcat Ridge and Coyote Ridge Prairie, The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and some mountain landscapes while driving through the Rockies. I am in love with the Colorado landscape!

  3. These are so beautiful! Lisa is amazing. I’m so glad you featured her here!

  4. Briana Marie says:

    Love the variety and depth of the colors!

  5. Colorado is one of my favorite states & Lisa did such an amazing job capturing the gorgeous landscape. Congrats on the feature!

  6. Mirelle says:

    These photographs are absolutely breathtaking! Lisa is an amazing photographer.

  7. wendy laurel says:

    so refreshing to see film images that are not wedding! I love these. beautiful.

  8. Marcie Lynn says:

    Lisa, these are awesome! I love the contrast of the red rocks with the snowy mountains behind. Great job!

  9. Jodi says:

    Gorgeous – sense of being there.

  10. So beautiful! makes me want to go and visit you :)))

  11. Rachel May says:

    Such beautiful imagery!!

  12. Stacy says:

    These are gorgeous. It makes me crave spring even more. I’ve always loved visitng Colorado. It’s beautiful countryside there.

  13. We just spent a couple weeks in Colorado last month and seeing these images makes me want to go back to explore more!! So beautiful.

  14. Sera Petras says:

    You need to sell prints of these! Beautiful.

  15. Isn’t Colorado incredible? I could looks at photos like these all day.

  16. These are so beautiful! The Colorado landscape reminds me so much of Oregon. I feel like our states are kindred spirits :).

  17. Oh my word! These images are so inspiring!

  18. Clary says:

    You photographed the wide open spaces of Colorado so beautifully Lisa! What a lovely feature.

  19. Kati Decker says:

    Isn’t it a beautiful state!? All of these are so pretty, my favorite is that reflection shot. So well done!

  20. This images and to inviting to travel to Colorado 🙂 just gorgeous!

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