Endless Bliss

December 16, 2013

Sawyer Jones  |  Atlanta, Ga.  |  sawyerbaird.com  |  facebook.com/sawyerbairdphotographer

” I had been visioning a styled shoot for quite some time when I walked into Anthropologie for a mug one sunny afternoon, like always I ended up in the sale section and found myself standing in front of a rack of dresses, one being the dress in these photo. At that moment I just knew that the shoot I had visioning in my mind was being brought to life. It was perfect, it had everything I had been holding out for.  Later on that evening I decided to branch out and look for a model, I was determined at that point.  The next day I went into a local grocery store to pick up something to make for dinner and couldn’t help but notice all the pretty florals that they had… The next morning I went back to the grocery store, I picked up those florals, and I drove to my families property in North Georgia. The perfect location for this shoot.   This shoot I hold dear to my heart, it was the first shoot I shot in all film. ” – Sawyer Jones

  1. britt spring says:

    this is sooo beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. lovely photos Sawyer Jones 🙂

  2. Deborah Hamm says:

    The photos are exquisite, Sawyer. You are so very talented, and you have an eye and knack to bring it all together. And, your model is quite beautiful. Two very beautiful young women – both inside and out. You are both so very special.

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