On top of the roof

October 28, 2013

Cinzia Bruschini  |  Italy  |  cinziabruschini.it  |  facebook.com/CinziaBruschini

” I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Italy.  I am very fortunate to shoot weddings in various locations around my country. I often visit places that I have never been to before, that makes me feel like a tourist in my own country.
I have put together a small selection of photos; it’s my look at my country, a look at the beautiful things in a period in history, which I am not very proud to be part of, as you know… economic crisis etc … These photos are reflecting what I love about Italy and what I would like to remain unchanged forever…  history, art, food and … the smell of the fields!  ”  – Cinzia

“In cima in cima ar tetto, indove vanno
a facce er nido tante rondinelle,
ce so’ du’ finestrelle, tutto l’anno
incorniciate dalle campanelle.
In mezzo a ognuna de ‘ste finestrelle,
tra li vasi de fiori che ce stanno,
c’è ‘na furcina co’ le cordicelle
dove c’è sempre steso quarche panno.
Prima, da ‘ste finestre sott’ar tetto,
Nina cantava: Me so’ innammorata…
mentre stenneva quarche fazzoletto.
Ma mò ha cambiato musica e parole;
adesso canta: Ah, tu che m’hai lassata!…
E stenne fasciatori e bavarole.”  – Trilussa

  1. Absolutely breathtaking work!

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