September 9, 2013

Devon Takenouchi  |  Tacoma, Washington  |  devonmichellephotography.com  |  facebook.com/devonmichellephotography

” Where do I start with this post…I guess just to say that I felt like I hit my stride with film this time around. I was slow, and painfully careful with almost every shot I took. Autumn was so patient as I checked and double triple checked exposure, composition and posing. She is amazing to work with, we planned to get together months ago ~ she had her outfits all picked out complete with fun details ~ I brought some new boots I’d gotten and a tapestry I recently acquired from my family. We caught the sun as it was getting sleepy and sinking just below the Tacoma skyline. It all just came together like dark chocolate and bold, black coffee. ” – Devon Takenouchi

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