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Your Film Journey

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Your Film Journey is a beginners guide and support into the wonderful world of film. Going over all the basics of a Medium Format and 35mm Film Cameras, different Film Stocks, metering, working with your lab, and more you are sure to leave comfortable and confident in picking up a film camera and starting to shoot film.

With over 6 years of bring film education to the community Belle Lumière is esthetic to continue that with more online education allowing anyone anywhere to learn in the comfort of their own home. All our guides are available to download instantly and are savable so you can access all the information time and time again.

You don't have to be. 
You just need the right tools and support before you ever load up that 35mm.

Intimidated by Film?

 I highly recommend you get this and study it!


If you are new to film or even if you have been shooting film for years, the Belle Lumiere guide ‘Your Film Journey’ will answer your questions and give you insight into the tools and options you can be using. It’s easy to pick something you know someone else uses but it’s a whole different ballgame to make choices knowing why you’re making those choices. From which film stock to use and why to which camera to use and why. I highly recommend you get this and study it!

My goal is to allow you to skip the guess work that comes along with shooting film and jump right to the "happy" film scan day dance. 

This Guide Includes


The basics of both medium format and 35mm cameras

How to load and unload film as well as learn the parts of your camera

What the major film stocks are and what makes them unique

What ISO is and what you should be shooting in almost any situation

The basics of metering, what meter to use, and the parts of your meter

You and your Film Labs relationship, how to send film in, different types of scanners, and so much more


Let us know your thoughts! We <3 to hear from our students + want to see all the gorgeous film images you are going to be taking.

Creatives are visual learners. So I made sure to include step by step and detailed images for a lot of the education that is included in the guide. 

Once purchased you will have instant
access to your online portal.  Here you can download the guide and save it to refer back to over and over again.

While designing and writing for this guide I wanted to make
sure anyone was able to learn and implementing all the
information as easy as possible. 

How it Works

After reading the whole guide I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to shoot and send in my first roll!


[Your Film Journey] has helped me so much! I have always been really intimidated by film. I didn’t even know where to start. I have always shot digital but I received an EOS 3 as a gift for Christmas and I was dying to use it. I read this guide super fast and I liked that it explained everything from different camera types to dealing with different film labs. After reading the whole guide I had the confidence and knowledge I needed to shoot and send in my first roll!

Once you purchase 'Your Film Journey' you will be directed to create an account to access your learning portal.  Here you will be able to instantly download all the material to your computer in a PDF form.  Once downloaded you will have a lifetime access to the education.  This is key because I want you to be able to reference and re-read the guide at any time.  

How long will I have access to this guide?

That is a great question! The guide is broken up into five sections. A camera section, a film section, a metering section, a section on your film lab, and a fun section on double exposures. Each section covers the basic information any photographer would need to start shooting film. From parts of your camera (medium format and 35mm) to film stocks and which ones to use when, to metering. The guide is 80 pages and includes detailed images to help you visual learn to do things like load and unload film.


This guide was created to serve a wide range of photographers.  From the digital photographer who has never picked up a film camera before.  To the photographer who has been shooting film for a little while and feels like they are just not getting it.  All the way to the photographer who shot film a long time ago and wants to get back into it.  I believe anyone who has questions about film will gain knowledge from this guide. 

Who is 'Your Film journey' for?

That is no problem at all! I am a 100% open book.  I encourage you to join our private Facebook page.  It's called Belle Lumiere's Insiders and you are more then welcome to ask any questions about anything there and I would love to answer them for you!  I ask that all questions be asked on this page as other people can benefit from them as well and or chim in. 

What if I still have questions after reading the guide?

Because I know each and every one of you have them and I wanted to make your life just a little bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lets jump into your Film Journey together and capture some Beautiful Light. 

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