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- Published on 7.12.21
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Our issues of Belle Lumière Magazine are the backbone behind who we are & how we first started sharing education with the community.  We know as a photographer you have so much on your plate every ... single ... day.  You are in charge of your own marketing, your own social media, customer service, all your editing, photography (the fun part), and so much more.  Each month our volumes cover a handful of different topics from different perspectives and other creatives in our industry.  They include shared education, lessons learned from others, tips & tricks, advice, & so much more.  Not to mention a ton of inspiration!

Our goal is to support you, all the hats you have to wear, and your business.  So that you get to keep growing, thriving, & feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to those hats you're not necessarily fond of (don't worry, we all have them).

Belle Lumière 

WOW! We were completely blown away with how beautifully curated the whole magazine is and the content is everything we've wanted and more. 

- Steph & Elaine Louwrens  (Dust and dreams photography)




Ready to dive into the idea of putting people
over profit? I’m glad you asked because this
article is jumping right into that.


How can you get further in your business
with proper etiquette and strong morals at the
foundation of your business rather than talent.

Mircro Weddings

Micro Weddings are the biggest question in the
 wedding industry right now. What are they and how
do you introduce and offer them.

Reimagine Styled Shoots

A styled shoot is simply a collaboration of artists
working together. So how can you Reimagine
them so that they benefit you and your business.

Marketing Strategies

In this article Emily is sharing with
you three digital marketing strategies to
sell more albums and prints.

Our monthly Q&A panel where we highlight a few of the top questions our community asks and give you the answers 
and advise to them.

in this issue