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I am honored that you would even consider sharing your work and/or knowledge with myself and our followers. I am confident that by having a supportive community who helps and encourages others we house a foundation for a better and stronger industry. 

Belle Lumière always has opportunities open for other creatives and educators (not just photographers) to jump into our platform and share a little bit from their brain … or camera. 

If you kindly scroll down you can see what I am currently looking for and what collaboration opportunities are available. My inbox is always open and I would love to hear any idea(s) you would like to shoot my way.  


Our monthly magazine is a wonderful opportunity to share a little bit on a subject you know best. Creatives of any kind are encouraged to submit article ideas, as long as they can relate to photography or a photographers’ business. I openly encourage our published creatives to talk about their business and other offering they might have.  So our readers might venture over into your community as well. 

Article ideas or any collaboration inquiries may be emailed into . Please use the subject line “Magazine Submission” and include a little bit about your article idea, yourself, and your business. 

Please know our magazine is 100% educational. Session submissions to the magazine will not be reviewed and simply disregarded at this time. 



I am absolutely in love with our new bi-monthly segment ‘Lexi Critiques’. Know why? Because I love interacting with the community and helping you strengthen your skills and confidence as a photographer.

If you haven’t heard, Lexi Critiques is when I look at a full session and give small tips and tricks into making that session stronger. I believe the main goal of any session is to capture a story within the images and I want each and every one of you to be able to accomplish just that. 

To submit a session for critiquing feel free to email into with the subject line “Critique Submission”. Please include a link to your submission and any passwords or login info I will be required to view it. I do ask that you limit your submission to 30 images.


Our online Journal houses a lot of features, education, and news for our viewers to easily access. Submissions are always open for photographers looking to share a little bit of knowledge with the industry, reviews, new products, or sessions.  Since Belle Lumière is not niche specific, any type of photographer is able to submit. Film or hybrid. 

To submit an educational topic or session consideration to our blog simply email into with the subject line “Blog Submission”.  


With Belle Lumière’s strong educational background and growing community of photographers we are a perfect platform to teach on. We will be working with a very select few number of educators each year on classes that will enhance and elevate our readers and their businesses.  

To be considered as a Belle Lumière Educator please email into with the subject line “Guest Teacher” and share a little bit about yourself and what you feel like you could offer to our community. 

Again I am extremely grateful that you are taking the time to share an idea or session you have with me. Our community would not gain what it does with out the help, beauty, and knowledge that comes from our contributors and teachers. 

Please allow up to two weeks for me to review your submission. I make time twice a month to dedicate my full attention to everyones email. If you do not hear back from me after 14 days please feel free to reach out again. Keep in mind this time might be longer around holidays. 

After you submit ...