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Ready to enjoy some of our go-to biz resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your journey.  Well, i've curated a one-stop-shop for you to seamlessly grab up some of the tools I personally use with Belle Lumière and all my businesses. 

* Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do ... but know I only recommend products I personally use.  If I don't love it, how do I expect you too!! 


Your most valuable tool as an artist is your email list. Know why?? Because, unlike social media likes, you actually own it! And I make sure I use that tool to its fullest potential. Flodesk is a new email marketing service that’s built for creatives, by creatives. Giving you the ability to design & send on-brand marketing emails, opt-in forms to grow your list, & build powerful email automations. It's your favorite icing, on top of your cake!

Try Flodesk for 'free' for 30 days & save 50% off! 

For               Business

For           Business

Try'Em OUt

The Legal Paige

Nobody likes legal talk .. especially creatives.
But legally protecting your business is one of the smartest thing you can do to protect your hard work and livelihood .. and I know you are one smart cookie. The Legal Paige believes that the legal side of small biz ownership doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In fact, they've made it effortless and approachable so you can protect yourself from all the ‘what ifs’...and get back to doing what you love. 

Visit the shop



Here is a little insider secret.  When it came to
online platforms for education and memberships .. I tried them all.  And in the end spent way too
much moola to only come back to the one
that sets its standard way above every single
other platform.  Not only is Kajabi used by the biggest in the industry, it also gives you tools that ends up scaling your business past your wildest dreams. Don't believe me ... try it out for yourself. 

Give Kajabi a free testride by clicking below 


Refined Co

We know finding that match-made-in heaven editing tool can be ... a little tricky. And has ended up with many of you swipping left and giving up on past purchases. But that's not the case with Refined Presets. Created with the idea of not only speeding up your workflow (hello time back), but also leaving you with a timeless, consistent, and well blended result. It is no secret why these presets are used by some of the industry’s leading artists.

Use code BELLELUMIERE15 for 15% off!   


My favorite 


Play It Brave

The podcast for brave creatives who live in a world that wants you to play it safe.

The Heart & Hustle

A business & lifestyle podcast for creative entrepreneurs, dreamers, & doers who want to make the most out of their life.

Dare to Develop

A podcast to empower small business creatives to focus on DEVELOPING community & take DARING leaps in their businesses.

 Mistakes Make Magic 

This podcast is dedicated to embracing imperfection and pushing others to pursue their creative passion!

Photo Field Notes

Stories and career inspiration from professional photographers.

Beyond The Pretty

Dive into the business side of wedding photography, building generational wealth and being healthy while doing it! 

The Legal Paige® Podcast

A weekly interview show featuring legal, finance, and business tips for creatives and online businesses. 

That's My Personal Business

Join creatives every Monday to dive into the aspects of life that have led them to success. 

Our Favorite

Our Favorite


PhotoVision Prints

Since 1968 Photovision has been servicing the film industry from their hometown film lab in Salem, Oregon.  They are who I personally used for film and who I personally will always recommend.  So if you are looking for quality and the 'best' customer service you can get, whether you are brand new to film or a pro, def check out Photovision. 


Some                        Freebies


3 Ways to Shine on a Publications Platform

Are you feeling frustrated with the publication world? Not quiet sure where it's going? Or just lost in-between all the confusion and wondering? Well let's put those feelings & questions to rest with our free guide ,,. 3 Ways To Shine on a Publications Platform. 


Volume XXV

This volume is officially our first issue solely highlighting some of the kindest and most talented black creatives in our industry. This month we are honored to see these black creatives shine!!

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