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Many of us in this industry wear a lot of hats and run a lot of departments inside our businesses. On the outside we are photographers. But behind the scenes we also run all our social media accounts, try to figure out marketing to reach our ideal clients, stay up to date on our company's bookkeeping, handle all scheduling and client relations, and so many more jobs.

And on top of all that we have to stay educated and in front of the ever changing industry. It can be downright exhausting.  

The nice thing is that there are so many amazing photographers in our community who know what’s going on and want to help photographers, like you, get ahead of the game. The downside is purchasing online classes and digital guides covering everything you need to know can get well ... quite pricey. 

That’s where The Lumiè Society comes in!

The Lumiè Society is a curated bundle of education instantly sent to you each month that you can enjoy and soak up at your own pace.

It includes our highly respected magazine, that has been supporting and educating the community since 2013, an educational guide or resource for your business, and a masterclass taught each month by top educators in our industry, face to face in video form.  

Whether you are a film, digital, or hybrid photographer, you are sure to LOVE this monthly bundle, all the education you will be receiving, .. and oh yeah .. the price. 

You can become a Lumiè for as just $17 a month!

And no topic is left untouched. We will be covering work/life balance, social media, marketing, photography, money, business, lighting, and so much more.

The Lumiè Society : A monthly bundle of education designed to help you grow your business and craft affordably and at your own pace.

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A Master Class

Last but not least, each month includes a mini masterclass from top educators in our industry. Each masterclass highlights a new
educator and covers topics YOU
want to hear about. 

Masterclasses will be included in the form of a video and be between 15-20 minutes each.

An Education PDF
Resource For Your Business

Each month’s bundle also includes an additional resource or educational guide to help you grow your business or perfect your craft. These will be in the form of a video or PDF depending on the month.  

A Digital Issue of Belle Lumiere

Each monthly issue is packed full of education and inspiration for any photographer to grow and benefit from. 

Every issue is 50-60 pages and includes 6 educational articles, including our monthly column “Ask Belle Lumiere” where we answer the top questions photographers like you are asking in our industry each month.

VALUED AT $15 alone

The Lumiè Society includes three educationally packed goodies curated just for you ... each and every month.

What You Will Have Instantly Sent To You Each Month

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1 : 3 Entries each month to our Cover Contests (Only open to Lumiès)
Bonus #2 : Additional free entries to our Image Contests
Bonus #3 : Access to a private Lumiè Forum with challenges, conversations, and support
Bonus #4 : Access to all past Lumiè bundles

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonus #1 : 3 Entries each month to our Cover Contests (Only open Lumiès)

Bonus #2 : Additional free entries to our Image Contests


Are ready to invest in yourself and your business

Want all this instantly delivered to your inbox each month and have the freedom 
to read and watch it on your schedule

Are ready to soak up education from the top artists and educators in our industry
that are actually out there living their dreams

Want to dip your toes in a ton of different topics each month

Want something affordable that also has tremendous value and benefits


Is The Lumiè Society For You? It Is If You ...

" What a stroke of genius The Lumiè Society is! Not only is each bundle filled with beautifully curated yet educational articles but I adore the feeling of community especially being based in a more rural area of South Africa … I get to read through and soak up the content in my own time right here at home or on the go if I need to. This community had opened up so many new possibilities of what my life as a photographer and a creative can be! "




What People are Saying




" Just signed up for Belle Lumiere’s The Lumie Society and I am already in love with it! So excited to be learning from the best while quarantining!  I am loving all the resources. Trying to set a daily limit to how much I read/watch so I can enjoy it longer! "

What People are Saying




" It's not often that I invest in education for myself or for my business, but when I saw Belle Lumiere was creating an educational monthly subscription, I jumped on the chance. The Lumie Society is filled with concrete advice, actionable steps (no fluff here!) and tons of inspiration. Whatever way you learn, there is absolutely something here for you to expand your industry knowledge. So happy with my decision to invest in this (and did I mention how insanely affordable it is?). "

What People are Saying




" The Lumie Society is keeping me educated and inspired each and every month. The diversity in topics push me as an artist to explore fresh techniques and find areas of photography that are new to me. Each bundle creates a high level of motivation and enthusiasm that I am apply to my business. I am so thankful for the opportunity! "

What People are Saying




" Joining the Lumiè society has given me so many wonderful opportunities for education to hone my craft and be a better storyteller and business owner. The monthly bundles are full of educational materials plus the master class series alone is worth the monthly subscription. They are in video format which I love and they have been incredibly informative and to the point. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings! "

What People are Saying


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MontHly Subscribers can cancel at any time!

We truly believe any photographer would instantly see the value and benefits of our subscription.  But if for some reason you are not happy we want to know.  Monthly subscribers can cancel at anytime and if you signed up for the year, just shoot us an email!



MONTHLY Subscription

Per Month + $27 One time
membership fee



Membership opens again October 5th, join our waitlist to be the first to know when doors open back up.

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