Find yourself editing well past 2:00 am and never seeing an end in site? 
Let your clients walk all over you as you try to please them while sacrificing your own needs?
Feel overwhelmed, burnt out, uninspired, unorganized, and just lost with where you are meant to grow??

Do you ...

I am a very, very, very organized person. I mean I have to be. With being a full time mom AND running a full time business on just 10 hours a week! I have no other choice. 

After finding myself burnt out, stressed, and overworked I knew things would have to change. So I sat down, figured out ways to become more organized, efficient, and disciplined. Ways to make sure there was a separation between work and life. And ways to put myself, my family, and my health first. 

Today I am extremely happy with my work/life balance. I have completely transformed the way I approach my business and the way I live my life. And I want to share a few tips with you on how you can get to this point as well!!

Join me for my first mini masterclass, INSTANTLY,  where I will share with you my top 3 tips on achieving a realistic work/life balance. 

Hi There - I'm Lexi Clifford

Inside the FREE class I will be sharing some secrets ...

what you will walk away with

Proof that a work/life balance is possible on ANY schedule.  If I can do it on 10 hours a week, you can do it!!

3 of my best tips to help you start your journey to a work/life balance.

Including my number one secret to social media and the most life changing adjustment I made to my business.

The best pep talk ever to help you start creating a business you run, not the other way around.

Resources to continue your journey and create a business that is efficient, productive, and gives you the life you want to live.

So, if you are ready to ...

- Use this down time we have been given wisely to make changes to help your business, your life, and your wellbeing.

- Become more efficient with your work and gain some time back that you can use to do the things you love.

- Get the pep talk of the year and finally feel motivated to run your business and not let it continue to run you.