August 24, 2020

Today is a very exciting day for us here at Belle Lumère. So exciting in fact, that we just had to share it with you.

For the last 8 years I, Lexi Clifford, have solely ran everything Belle Lumière. I wore all the hats, answered every email, DM, and message, curated, designed, and published every issue of our magazine, planned and executed every event and workshop, and did all the other day to day work. Alone. But that has changed.

I am beyond excited, honored, and blessed to welcome a brand new team member to Belle Lumière, Sarah Casmass.

Born and raised in Long Island, New York Sarah is a spritely lover of an ocean breeze, plant fun-facts, and a cleansing evening run. Obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art & Education and a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography and Graphic Design, she enjoys having one foot in both fine art worlds. Needless to say, Sarah has been observing the world through a lens since her parents bought her first Canon point-and-shoot camera in sixth grade. She went on to become an Adobe Award-winning designer, hybrid photographer, and certified Enneagram coach. She even recently launched an Enneagram-based interior design startup, Ennteriors, based on her graduate thesis! Within her images, Sarah seeks the meaningful moments of simple, organic, and light-drenched story. Though a native New Yorker, Sarah moved coast to coast last year but maintained her avid pursuit of adventure. She can now be found exploring the San Diego coast with her college sweetheart, Micah, film in hand and on the search for a stunning piece of art for home or a new botanical friend- and maybe some mean Italian cuisine too!

Sarah is also the founder of Ennteriors. A company that helps you decorate your home according to your personal Enneagram type. Their IG account is one of my personal favorites to follow and gives so many great ideas for decorating your home.

In the next coming weeks and months you will be seeing more of Sarah as she takes on more and more with Belle Lumière. So don’t be afraid to say hi and lets all welcome her with open arms as the newest face behind our community.


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@sarahcasmass – Personal
@estoveststudio – Photos
@ennteriors – Enneagram & Interior Design

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